Riesling from the region of Alsace in France is a recent wine discovery for me. Bueno has always been a big fan of Riesling and has introduced me to so many made in different styles, mainly from Germany, as featured in my last post on Thai Green Curry. I began to take note of Alsace Riesling this fall, and the floral aroma captivated me. I found this wine entirely pleasant and relaxing. 

The aroma of wine has always been appealing to me – heightening the sense of relaxation and pleasure that wine brings (a little wine geeky – I know). Suffice it to say that this wine has the aroma of an awesome mix of flowers and fruit – and is juicy and delicious. If you are a fan of aromatic and juicy whites, I hope you try a Riesling from Alsace. Cheers! dana