Time Capsule Vintages by Dana Bueno

It’s been a busy week! We’ve graduated from Pre-K, Kindergarten, and finished freshman year of high school. The Bueno Boys each brought home “Time Capsules” –  a folder of memories from their school year in Pre-K and Kindergarten. What a special gift their teachers have given us with these “Time Capsules.” When our now freshman, Audra, was age 4, RB started a tradition of birth vintages, first buying wines from 1997 to commemorate Audra’s birth year. These bottles are to be opened and enjoyed when she turns 21 and beyond. The tradition continued in 2006 and 2007 with the birth of our sons. Our boys now each have their own birth vintage wines – bottles to be opened when the time is right.  As a school year closes, I am grateful for our children’s teachers and for the memories they captured for me. Cheers to “Time Capsule” vintages and memories!!

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