When I tell the boys I want to bake they will drop what they are working on and come running to the kitchen to see what baking project I have planned. Making sugar cookies – rolling, cutting, and decorating – is one of their favorite activities. While we work, they sweetly ask me to tell them stories of Dana’s Bread. They want to know about mommy’s healthy “makery” and how daddy and mommy met at Dana’s Bread. This leads to stories of their older sister at Dana’s Bread as a baby and toddler. Baking has been and continues to be a special way to connect with my children. I feel most at home baking in the kitchen with them.  I am my best self with them while engaged in lovingly handcrafting a cookie, scone or bread. I hope these photos inspire you to share moments and stories with your children in your kitchen.

Happy Valentines Day from Team Bueno!

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