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Need an idea for an easy dinner that rocks the seasonal produce? Try our 5 ingredient recipe for sweet corn tacos! We have been eating these night after night, just like we did with arugula spaghetti.  Sweet corn is at the height of its harvest season in central Illinois, and it’s the absolute star! Avocados are a nutritious and creamy co-star in this taco. Elevate it with a DIY tortilla if you are up for it! This meal has been trending with the Bueno family for the last couple of weeks.

Happy Late Summer – thoroughly enjoy what remains!! xoxo, dana

Sweet Corn Tacos // 5 Ingredient Meal
  • prepared ears of sweet corn, husks and silks removed
  • avocado, cut into large chunks
  • cherry tomatoes, halved
  • lettuce, clean and dried
  • tortillas, room temperature or slightly warmed in the oven (in foil)
  • additional items if you have them:
  • cheese, we use vegan cheese
  • lime juice, freshly squeezed
  • salt and pepper
  • hot sauce
  1. Bring a large pot of unsalted water to a boil.
  2. Drop cleaned ears of corn into pot and boil for 2 minutes.
  3. With tongs remove the ears of corn from boiling water and allow to drain on a towel briefly before placing on a cookie sheet.
  4. Remove the corn from the cob when cob has cooled.
  5. Hold one end of the ear of corn and rest the other end on a plate.
  6. With a sharp knife - using a sawing motion, slowly slice down a side of the ear.
  7. Continue to turn the ear to be able to cut down each side until you have removed the kernels.
  8. Add avocado, sweet corn kernels, halved cherry tomatoes, and lettuce to your tortillas.
  9. Salt and pepper to taste.
  10. Add additional ingredients if desired.
  11. We like vegan cheese, lime juice and srirachi sauce on our sweet corn tacos.


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