When I started Dana’s Bread 20 years ago, each batch of bread began with organic wheat berries, milled just before kneading for the freshest loaf of bread possible. Now, I want the Bueno boys to understand where their food comes from. They are naturally curious about plants, so I contacted gardener and farmer friends to see the first plantings of food that we get at the farmers’ market.

Here in Central Illinois, our farmer friends are starting plantings indoors in winter to prepare for the opening of seasonal farmers’ markets. In this photo,  John Hamilton, of Hamilton Farm, shows the Bueno boys sprouting roots of the sweet potato plant.

These seedlings are exposed to light to help grow, heaters to keep warm and then transplanted outdoors at a later date.

Search out your local farmers’ market this coming spring. Ask a gardener or farmer friend if you can come for a visit. Experiencing their food from farm to table helps my children appreciate food from its most natural source. See you at the market – dana



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