My littlest love and I got together for a heart pillow craft with Kristen this week. Nacho made this one for his big sister, Audra. We also made a small round one in the same fabrics for a special stuffed animal friend (see last photo). This is super fun to make together and you need not get out a needle and thread. Here are Kristen’s supply list and instructions. Enjoy and Happy Heart Day!! xoxo, dana

DIY Heart Pillow | Supplies

2 yards of fabric

Cardboard to make a tracer


Loose pillow filling or cotton balls
Start by making a heart on a large piece of cardboard. You are going to use this as a guideline when drawing your heart on your fabric. Make the cardboard tracer about the size you want your heart pillow to be.
After you have your cardboard heart cut out, place it on the fabric and trace around it, but don’t trace right next to the edge of the cardboard. Trace about 2-3 inches larger than the cardboard cut out. I decided to make this heart pillow reversible, so I used two different red and white patterned fabrics. You can choose whatever fabric you want!
After you have the two sides of the pillow cut out, lay them on top of each other and start cutting slits into the fabric, about 2 1/2 inches in. Make sure you cut along the curves of the pillow.
Once all the slits are cut, start tying them in single knots. It can be pretty easy to miss some of the fabric ties here so work slowly and carefully! Although it’s not the end of the world if you miss a tie or two.
Once you get about 3/4 of the way done tying the slits, start putting in the stuffing for your pillow. You can choose to make it as fluffy as you want. You can also untie a section of knots and add more stuffing once you are done, if you want.
Continue tying the slits until all of them are tied. Then, go around the pillow again and tighten all the ties so none of the stuffing leaks out.
We did encounter one situation – when we got to the dip between the two rounded bumps of the heart, at the top of the pillow, there were no more slits to tie. We were left with two triangular pieces. I tied these in a small knot and then used a hot glue gun to secure it, making sure to try to glue in places where it could be hidden.
DIY Heart Pillow Craft + Instructions :  Kristen Sowinski
Photography + Blog Layout :  Dana Bueno
copyright danabueno
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