A decade ago, I was fortunate to be able to take a candy making class in Chicago taught by David Lebovitz. How fantastic! He is not only a master at his craft but supremely entertaining as well.

Tempering chocolate is extra effort, no doubt, but definitely worth it! Instructions for tempering chocolate are found in “The Great Book of Chocolate” by David Lebovitz. Make sure to check out his list of 10 Reasons Chocolate is Better Than Sex!

Tempering is a process of melting, cooling and rewarming chocolate to specific temperatures. Tempering yields a high gloss “crisp snapping” chocolate that is resistant to warm temperatures.

My Valharona bittersweet chocolate over simmering water.

I added peanuts to my tempered chocolate – then spooned the bittersweet chocolate peanut clusters onto parchment.

More bittersweet meets salt planned for future posts. Truth is… this is love at first bite!

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