dana bueno - amy cherry - nashville

I’m Dana Bueno, and this is my portfolio for projects and collaborations that have been inspiring to me. Inspiration can come in many forms—people, places, music, art, ideas…even a loaf of bread. Years ago, I fell in love with the craft of making bread. I left a teaching career and set out as a young entrepreneur to follow my passion for baking hand crafted breads and bringing them to my community.

I felt the joy of providing nourishment for family, friends, and my hometown. Creating something with my own hands that my customers enjoyed and appreciated was richly rewarding. Those customers became friends. I owned and operated 2 locations of Dana’s Bread in Springfield, Illinois for 12 years.

I have never forgotten that special connection between me and my customers—starting with bread or a cup of coffee but evolving into something wonderful that allowed me to provide for them and that they came into my shop looking for on a regular basis. My hope is that this website will provide a similar thing for my virtual “friends” – a place where I have created something from my heart and with my hands that I want to share with them.

Born, raised, and having lived in the Midwest, I now call Nashville home. I join other newcomers to this wonderful city, energized by their collective spirit and inspired by the pursuit of their dreams. I look forward to exploring and sharing this journey with my friends, family, and with you!



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photograph by Amy Cherry : Nashville